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To decrease isolation and increase the mental well-being of Hmong elders, NEW Hmong Professionals created a Hmong Elder Herbal Gardens Initiative that will allow Hmong elders to garden year-round, engage with other Hmong Elders, and share their stories and wisdom with Hmong Professionals and students. The limited research that has been done on Hmong elders and mental health have indicated that Hmong elders consistently have high levels of depressive symptoms. These depressive symptoms are often transferred to their children and grandchildren in the forms of historical and generational trauma. Positive interactions between Hmong elders, professionals, and students in co-created safe space, can dramatically impact the amount of historical and generational trauma that is passed on from generation to generation. This strategically designed program will address both physical and psychological well-being. Identity formation is one of the top areas of interest and development among Hmong Professionals in Northeast Wisconsin. The ability to connect in a safe space and learn more about Hmong culture and the lived experiences through the lens of Hmong Elders can significantly contribute to the identity construction of Hmong professionals and students.









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