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We are committed to elevating and empowering our Hmong professionals in the areas of
their passion and expertise.

Our Journey

In the fall of 2019, a dedicated group of Hmong Professionals came together with a mission to create safe spaces to engage, empower, and elevate Hmong Professionals in the areas of networking, mentoring and leadership. In assessing this mission, NEW Hmong Professionals was established with focus in five areas: personal and professional development, identity, mental health, community engagement, and entrepreneurship. Today, NEW Hmong Professionals is a grassroot organization with programs that address multiple evolving needs of Hmong Professionals and their families in Northeast Wisconsin.



We serve as a trusted organization for Hmong Professionals in Northeast Wisconsin that cultivates and sustains productive, engaged, and resilient leaders who have a strong sense of identity and belonging in our communities.

Our organization is committed to creating spaces that engage, empower, and elevate Hmong professionals in Northeast Wisconsin through progressive opportunities in identity formation, networking, mentoring, and leadership.



Long Vue Executive Director is Featured in Insight

Long Vue is extremely passionate about the Hmong community. Learn more about his passion and his purpose for the organization.


Featured in Wisconsin Public Radio

Listen to our Executive Director Long Vue speak more about our non-profit organization and learn more about what we do here at NEW Hmong.

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Volunteering our Time

We value our time, thus we prioritize it to volunteer. We want to make an impact in our community by utilizing our diverse skill sets and contribute back to communities that have given us

endless opportunities. 

Photo credits to Green Bay Press Gazette.


Free COVID-19 vaccines

For the past few months, we've been providing a safe place for all people to receive their free COVID-19 vaccines.

Person Getting Vaccinated

Free COVID-19 Vaccines

A big part of our community is providing free COVID-19 vaccines to our community. We don't require signing up, ID's, or health insurance. Our goal is to vaccinate everyone!

Image by Thien Kim Nguyen Trinh

Embracing Cultural Differences Within Generations

We value and celebrate cultural differences, which is essential for us to help each other include and appreciate the different values that we have.

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