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Personal/ Professional Development

NEW Hmong Professionals continues to engage, empower, and elevate Hmong Professionals in Northeast Wisconsin through providing networking events, conferences, and forums on topics such as communication, decision-making, balancing work and family, EQ, self- care, identity development and leveraging diverse resources. We are committed to the well-being of Hmong Professionals in Northeast Wisconsin and will continuously evolve to meet their needs. Hmong Professionals lack support at the professional level and struggle with cultural identity at the personal level. It is critical to have resources and safe spaces where Hmong Professionals can be authentic and feel supported to succeed and become resilient leader.

Previous NEW Hmong Professionals events:

  • Networking night – speed networking

  • Elevating Our Hmong Identity” Conference

  • Engagement session on EQ

  • “Hmong Mental Health & Well-Being” Forum

  • Asian Hate - Safe Space Forum

Business Development

Many Hmong Professionals have indicated that they are interested in starting their own business someday and would like more information/guidance with this. NEW Hmong Professionals working on providing basic business development sessions such as writing an effective business plan, target marketing, human resources management, and accounting and bookkeeping. NEW Hmong Professionals is excited to play a significant role in the development of diverse professionals and a technical workforce along with sustainable business start-ups, benefiting members of the Hmong community and the larger community.

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