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Image by Mika Baumeister


NEW Hmong Professionals has been an integral partner with many community-based organizations and municipalities in providing education and advocacy for the Hmong in the areas of COVID-19 education, prevention, and vaccination. Additionally, NEW Hmong Professionals has worked closely with Hmong medical professionals and organizations to develop culturally informed factual information and videos on COVID-19. Likewise, NEW Hmong Professionals has and continues to collaborate with organizations such as the Multicultural Coalition, Inc. to successfully organize and host pop up COVID-19 community vaccination events targeted at marginalized communities of color (Hmong, Latinx/Hispanic, Black/African American, and refugee communities).

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At NEW Hmong Professionals, wellbeing is at the forefront of what we’re working together towards. Our programs and activities are designed to be a catalyst that helps community members reach their goals and fulfill their potential. We are providing updates about COVID-19 of how to prepare for yourself and more about the vaccines.

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